How do I open .eps?

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2018-03-26 10:30:57

Guys, hello! I have a classic Pixelmator. I need to open format an .eps. But I can not.

I read help, but could not find the answer. What exactly should I do? Buy Pro version? Or something else?

I really would not like to use an illustrator. I believe that with the help of Pixel/Vector mator.

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2018-03-26 12:25:10


I don't know any way of importing the EPS as vectors, but if you're happy importing a bitmap of the EPS, the following should work:

Open the EPS with with the Preview app.
From the Preview app, Export as PDF* (this will be a bitmap in a PDF wrapper).
Open the PDF with Pixelmator.

I hope this helps.

- Stef.

*(edit: I just went back to the Preview window I had left open. If you export from Preview as a TIFF or a PNG, you get to choose the DPI of the exported file.)