Version 3.7 keeps crashing beginning today...

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2018-03-21 16:48:58

Hey Everybody,

Anyone run into any total collapses of V 3.7 recently?

Yesterday, no problems. Today, click on the icon, starts to open, one of the pallets appears briefly, then it all crashes to a "crash report" dialog box. But a curious note: the Pixelmator Icon remains "active" in Dock. Click on that, then it crashes completely.

Uninstalled Pixelmator, downloaded a "new" "clean" version from the App Store - same thing.

Even Shut Down, Restarted - same thing.

Everything's been going fine, even after the High Sierra update, which some people have said didn't go so well with them. This is the first time Pixelmator has decided to take a permanent holiday.

Very curious - wonder if I'm being cycled {i.e., throttled} off 3.7 and onto Pro. Which, from comments I've read about Pro, it's not that much of an "upgrade" from 3.7.

And all of this is not really convenient right now as I have a client deadline in about 23 hours. And everything's done in Pixelmator. I guess I'll have to make one of those massaging client calls and *hope* Pixelmator decides to come back from holiday.

In the interim - any suggestions?


Best, Matt
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2018-03-21 18:26:18

Hi Matt.

I don't know if it's good or bad news but my copy is running fine.

It's after 8pm in Vilnius so I don't think there'll be anyone in the Pixelmator offices right now. You could send them an email ( as I imagine that this will get higher priority than the forum.

Also you've done most of the things I would have thought of.

Other things I'd recommend:
Rack your brain for anything that has changed, however small.
Have a look at the crash report. Most of it is gibberish (to me anyhow) but you may be able to establish a hierarchy of what caused what.
Try launching Pixelmator with networking turned off (in case there's an iCloud issue).
Check your disk for errors using Disk Utility.
Backup then delete the pixelmator prefs file (in ~/Library/Preferences). This one's a little desperate as there's so little in that file.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-03-21 18:55:58

Stef's right, everyone's resting up at the moment, but luckily, I'm at my laptop.

If Pixelmator is quitting when you try to open it, it's most likely trying to restore a file you had open previously and something about that file is making the app crash. You're definitely not being forced off 3.7 and onto Pixelmator Pro. Resetting all Pixelmator preferences to default should help you at least get Pixelmator open. Here's a link to a guide that explains how to do that: ... pixelmator

P.S. If you'd like to keep your brushes, gradients, layer styles and everything else, make a copy of those files and folders somewhere else on your Mac (Documents, desktop, etc.). I'll let you know how to put everything back.

P.P.S. Please make sure to share any crash reports with us at so we could get a better idea of what's behind this in order to fix it.