Can the current tool stay selected?

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2018-03-08 11:35:34

I'm using the freeform pen tool heavily to draw many four sided boxes. Every time I draw a line, a new layer is created and the tool selection is reset to the pointer tool. Meaning I have to go back, click on the freeform pen tool, draw a line, the go back and select it get the drift. It's a real pain in the butt.

I've gone through all the help and support material, Googled it, the works, looking for a setting that tells the tool to stay selected until I click on another one. Is this possible, or do i just have to grind my way through it?

Thanks in advance.
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2018-03-08 11:52:19

I'm afraid that's the way Pixelmator was designed to work with the Pen and shape tools specifically — basically, after completing a shape, it made sense to switch to the Move tool as you'd probably want to move the shape. At least that was part of the logic behind this. However, I think you have a valid point, it would be more convenient for the Pen Tool to stay selected and for it to be possible to both move the completed shape and start a new one by clicking outside the shape. I'm not sure if we'll be able to bring this improvement to Pixelmator, but it's actually something we've done in Pixelmator Pro.

P.S. If you'd like to try out Pixelmator Pro, you can grab a free trial of it here.
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2018-03-08 12:38:38

I read on your site that P Pro only runs on High Sierra. I have Sierra but don't want to go to High Sierra (2010 Mac). Does that count me out?

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2018-03-08 15:19:40

Ah, in that case, yes, Pixelmator Pro needs macOS High Sierra and a Mac compatible with Metal (generally, from 2012 and later).