Placing images by inches

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2018-03-06 04:01:42

How do I place an image 1 inch from the edge of the canvas? How do I place another image 1/2 inch from the edge of the first image?
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2018-03-06 17:38:30

Hi ctc! This can be done by using the rulers bar and preferably guides.

In the view menu you'll find "Show Rulers" when the rulers aren't visible yet.
If the ruler isn't in inches you can change that by ctrl+clicking on the ruler bar and setting inches as the unit.

For easier placement of objects on the canvas, you can drag out guides by clicking on one of the ruler bars and then dragging towards the canvas. You can even place guides more precisely by ctrl+clicking on one of the ruler bars and choosing "New Guide..." from the menu that appears.

Once the guides are in place you can much easier snap your objects in place.

Hope that helps you out.
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2018-03-07 01:49:05

Brilliant! Thank you!