Whitening background with dodge tool but without overlap on current stroke

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2018-03-03 13:16:34

How to whitening the background with dodge brush but when swipe few times in same area it won't overlap and will not add extra brightening, only when you release the brush and click and drag the second time? and whats the best brush setting for not too strong of whitening and evenly applied?

I use dodge brush because i don't want to whitening the shadows area, if i use the brightness setting it will remove most of the shadow, so i just paint on the no shadow areasImage
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2018-03-05 12:33:10

There are three main settings you should keep track of here:

1. Exposure, in the Tool Options bar above your image.
2. Spacing, in the Brushes palette.
3. Flow, also in the Brushes palette.

If you'd like to prevent the brushstrokes from building up, these are the settings I'd use:

1. Exposure: Something low, less than 5%. This will keep the overall lightening subtle.
2. Spacing: The lowest possible, 1%. This means that, with each brushstroke, the individual brush marks will be added very densely.
3. Flow: 100%. This will apply the maximum possible paint/color (or, in this case, brightening) at once. By the way, this is why you need to keep the Exposure setting low.

Also, I'd knock the brush Hardness down to 0% to make the brushstrokes blend in better.

Hope that helps!