Move marquee selection line after mouse up, not any part of the image

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2018-03-01 03:08:54

How can I move an already defined selection line/shape without moving the selected portion of the image?

Expected Behavior:

1. From the tools palette, click on Elliptical Marquee Tool.
2. Click and drag across the image such that an elliptical selection is made.
3. Let go of the left mouse button. The marquee line that defines the ellipse should still be moving.
4. Click on the Move Tool in the tools palette.
5. Position the gray arrow of the Move Tool over the marquee line and click and hold the left mouse button.
6. The marquee selection line, but no part of the image, moves so that you can now reposition it on another portion of the image.

Actual Behavior:

6. You cannot select the marquee line and wind up either a) moving the entire image, or b) moving the incorrectly selected area such that the layer underneath the selection is exposed.
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2018-03-01 08:30:44

With any of the selection tools selected, Control-click the selection and choose Transform Selection from the shortcut menu. You'll then be able to move and resize the selection.
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2018-03-01 12:29:10

Fantastic! Thanks!