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2018-02-20 20:09:32

Hello community !

I have a little question to this example image:


Is there an easy way to get only the with icons without the background color?
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2018-02-23 13:15:11

I can't think of a way to do this directlessly and losslessly. Nor can I think of a way that would give results as good as redrawing with vector tools, but here's my quick and dirty five minute answer:
1) Start with the highest resolution image you have.
2) Upscale this so that it it is really big (this will minimise errors).
3) Add a solid contrasting colour in a layer below (this will help you see clearly what you are erasing but will need to be hidden before export).
4) Use the magic eraser to remove as much of the backdrop as you can without removing what you want to keep. How hard you drive this is a judgement call, but try to be consistent. And yes you will have to repeat this for all the filled 'holes' in your image.
5) Use brightness and contrast (low contrast, high brightness) to turn the bits of the background that are left to white.
6) Resize back to original.

Here's a quick and dirty copy that I did in significantly less time that it took to write the above (I inverted the image to see it more clearly in the forum). If you take your time you can probably do better.

All this assuming you have rights of use. If not have a google for the items you want. there are quite a few free sources out there. Or you could draw your own. That's always fun.
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2018-02-23 14:01:20

wow ! thank you very much thats helps a lot !