Compatibility between the Two Pixelmator Apps

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2017-11-30 07:49:29

I downloaded the free trial of Pixelmator Pro, and it seems that by doing so all my existing .pxm files now default to being opened in Pixelmator Pro. I noticed that similar to opening a .doc file in Pages, Pixelmator Pro will open the .pxm file but will prompt you to save it as a .pxd file, which can only be used in Pixelmator Pro. However, when I try to get my .pxm files to open in Pixelmator Classic by going to Get Info -> Open with -> -> Change All, it immediately resets back to using Pixelmator Pro as the default.

Would I have to uninstall Pixelmator Pro in order to get my .pxm files to open in Pixelmator Classic?

Also, as a secondary question, if I were to switch over to using Pixelmator Pro instead of Pixelmator Classic, is there an easy way to convert all my .pxm files to .pxd format? Or would I have to open each file individually in Pixelmator Pro and save it as a new copy?