Color change when export to PDF (Grey --> Yellow-tone grey)

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2017-02-28 06:51:36

Hello, for a customer i create cards, but when i export the image to an PDF, it looks yellow in stead of grey, how is this possible, can i fix this? I have a calibrated screen. And the color in Pixelmator is good, (grey) but the output (JPG, JPG2000 or PDF) is with some yellow-tone..

I hope someone knows whats wrong here.

With Kind Regards,
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2017-03-01 16:56:14

What export option do you choose? Because if you choose export for web then the color profile will get removed. That is if your image has a color profile assigned. Do you open your JPG, JPG2000 or PDF in another app and does it look yellowish there? Also are you by any change in 16-bit color mode when using Pixelmator?
Also what happens when you do soft color proofing with your monitor profile inside pixelmator before exporting your work?
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2017-03-03 12:22:53

Hello Sebastiaan, thanks for your reply.

I choose export as PDF, than i upload the image to a web-portal for printing cards, and i received a preview, this preview is looking yellow,

I have added a preview.
LEFT: Pixelmator (RGB)
RIGHT: Other application (CMYK)

I hope you know how to fix this.

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2017-03-03 17:19:16

Color shifts are not uncommen when converting colors from RGB to CMYK. I know I upset people when writing this but in these days a printing house should be able to do this conversion for you with very little errors, so you only have to send in the RGB file . In your case you can try to use soft proof with profile... from the view menu and set it to CMYK to see if you can correct the color shift before sending it to the print shop.
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2018-07-16 14:19:29

Just for clarification: that issue appears exactly when you do the export to pdf file or when you print it? That's quite a common problem for printer, had never heard of anyone experiencing so with pixelmator at least. You ought to edit so manually with some tool of this type or some software if you have one. Anyway, it will do a thing