Film negative inversion support

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2021-03-09 18:25:07

Hi Team!

I'm currently using Negative Lab Pro in order to invert RAW film scans and I was wondering if Pixelmator Photo could support this in the future.
I tried to manually do it in Pixelmator Pro and while it's technically possible to invert my scans, I never get good color accuracy like I do in Negative Lab Pro.

PS: Thanks to the designer who used my skateboard/sunset photo in their mockups! Image
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2021-03-10 16:27:22

Hey William, interesting request! Quite an advanced workflow, but maybe there's something we can do.

Also, it's super awesome about your photo being used – and maybe even more awesome for us that a photographer whose style we like uses our apps. Double awesomeness.
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2021-03-15 13:00:05

By the way, if you could share your negatives and the result you're looking to get, that would be super helpful. Feel free to either post them here or you could email them to me at
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2021-03-27 14:35:44

I believe the trick to getting a good result when converting negatives is eliminating the film base. This can be achieved by selecting a portion of the negative and then masking this colour.

There is a good example of how to do this here:

More advanced method (by the same person):

He also has a good write-up here: ... ative-film

I hope this is useful for everyone.
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2021-04-22 18:38:45

Thanks for sharing. What's really convenient with Negative Lab Pro is that it takes one click to get a good starting point for edits. They even have tone profiles that allows you to fine tune the softness and contrast of your image.
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2021-08-18 11:53:54

I'd also like this feature. I digitise my film negatives using a DSLR and find it difficult to eliminate the film mask particularly in colour but B&W film is also effected.
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2021-10-19 00:13:21

Hello! I'm just popping in to say that I, too, would love this feature. It's obviously a bit more complicated than simply inverting the colors, as anyone who's tried can tell you.

I've been futzing around with my own presets for converting negatives, but I don't have one that's broadly successful yet. If anybody can figure out what magic Negative Lab Pro is doing under-the-hood, please do share!
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2021-12-06 22:22:32

This would be a game-changer for me as well