Partially Copy/Paste Adjustments to other Photos

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2021-02-02 06:11:37

Hi all,

maybe I haven‘t found it, but what I miss from other Applications is a way to just copy certain adjustments. For instance I have a couple of pictures from a certain event and some of them don‘t have the correct exposure while others have. Additionally I‘d like to color grade it and correct some colors with the „Selective Color“ tool.
For me these are to independent tasks and the later is better to be applied only to pictures with the correct exposure.
if I now copy the adjustments of one of the edited photos however the exposure settings are also included overwriting the already corrected exposure in the picture I want to apply the adjustments from the first picture.
It‘d be nice to select which adjustments should be included in the action, maybe even on a case to case basis since i sometimes also want to transfer the exposure settings.

Thank you for the great work I still love editing photos on my iPad with Pixelmator Photo way more than I do in every other app.


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2021-03-02 15:47:00

Hey, Thorsten. First off, apologies for the late reply! Have you tried saving the adjustment you want as a preset? I think it should work for your particular workflow. Of course, you'd have to lock all the adjustments already applied to the image before applying the preset.