Visual tag/icon for file types

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-01-30 12:06:04


similar to the visual tags/small icons Pixelmator Photo provides for RAW, edits and favourites when managing a photo library, there should be some visual tag/icon for the the file type: PNG,TIFF or JPEG. Currently the only way to determine the file type (besides RAW) is by opening a picture to edit it.

Thank you so much for your efforts!

EDIT: additionally/alternatively an option in photo management to open the File Info (file type, dimensions, EXIF... like when editing a photo)
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2021-02-13 09:37:29

I need it too. It is very helpful to see, what filetype in Verlauf and Speicherorte pre-existing. Thanks
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2021-02-19 09:48:35

Good point! We're currently working on a version of Pixelmator Photo that will introduce a few changes to improve the image opening and browsing experience. Hopefully, the update will cover the mentioned issues in one way or the other.
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2021-02-25 17:19:36

Good news! Thanks