Make View Info possible from Library

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-01-21 19:47:45

Small request (at least I hope): It would be great if it was possible to view the info of a photo from the library (in main screen for example by a menu entry in the long-press-menu) or directly after you select a photo. Now you have to enter the edit-mode and then select the ... dots and choose for View Info (which is quite a journey to get there).
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2021-01-22 14:45:54

The document browsers in Pixelmator Photo are based on iOS's very own Photos and Files apps. For now, you can only preview image info in Files, so the Photos and the Files browsers in Pixelmator Photo behave accordingly. We'd love to add the option when/if it becomes available, though!
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2021-01-22 19:52:45

Ah, an iOS limitation. And indeed I miss this feature in the iOS native Photos app as well... Thanks for clearing this up
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2021-01-25 12:04:46

No problem.