Add/Copy/Paste Location data

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2020-05-31 16:38:09

I would love the ability to add/copy/paste location metadata as part of the Pixelmator Photo workflow. I am usually shooting with my iPhone at the same time, and occasionally like to add the location data to my camera photos. I hadn’t done this in a little while, I used to have a macOS tool that would embed it before adding to my iCloud Photo Library.

What I have realized is that trying to do it after the fact is not really an option if you’re editing your RAW photos, here’s the current experience:

If I add it before an edit, via Metapho, for example, then I’m essentially editing the image, and the saved result in a .jpg which will not give me the flexibility I want in Pixelmator Photo.

If I edit first in Pixelmator Photo, and then add the location via Metapho it is only editing the and saving the .jpg and I can no longer go back into Pixelmator Photo and tweak my adjustments.

I can appreciate that adding full map integration is not really a core function of the app, but perhaps just a simple copy/paste location data would be sufficient and not add too much complexity.
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2020-06-01 12:41:13

Thanks a lot for the request and the explanation, that always helps! We'll think about this too.