What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2020-04-14 22:35:17

I'm amazed how Pixelmator Photo is turning in to such a ML editing powerhouse. Very impressive. 😊

I found some scattered comments here and there about desire to see layers/masking added at some point in the future, but I figured it deserved its own thread. My use case workflow is editing real estate photos, where I create layers where I edit for a distinct part of the image in each layer, and finally assemble/mix the final image by masking and blending each layer appropriately.

The editing itself covers my needs pretty well, but I'd be super excited and promptly cancel my Photoshop subscription when/if support for layers/masks is added.

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2020-04-15 14:02:35

Hi Michael, thanks for sharing this! The classic layer-based editing functionality will probably not come to Pixelmator Photo — that will most likely be confined to Pixelmator for iOS but mask and brush-based local adjustments are more suited to an app like this. Just out of interest, have you had a chance to check out Pixelmator for iOS in the past?
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2020-07-23 04:15:00

Yes, I've auditioned traditional Pixelmator a few times in the past, and it's not capable enough for my photo editing needs. However if there were an integrated way of doing layer management in Pixelmator and sending individual layers for editing in Pixelmator Photo and then boomeranging them back to Pixelmator for final assembly, that would work for me.

Built in Vilnius, assembled in Seattle. 😉
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2020-07-29 02:49:22

To better explain, when I edit real estate photos, I isolate different areas of the photo that are edited very differently for levels, white balance, colors, and more. Then I blend the layers together for a seamless result. A few examples of items that tend to need individual TLC are:

- Sky (original or replacement)
- The main structure
- Front street/ground
- Pool
- Bushes/greenery
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2020-08-11 13:55:16

Gotcha, that makes total sense — this is a relatively common workflow and for sure something we'll keep in mind as we keep improving Pixelmator Photo.
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2020-08-11 14:54:10

Thank you, I'm already a very happy Pixelmator Photo user, just wanted to pitch in with what would make me dance around in circles. 😊