[Feature Request]: Local Adjustments, Mask Tool......and some improvements

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2020-02-22 06:36:27

Hi, first I want to thanks for the developers for produced such a great image-editing app: cheap, light, yet powerful. I like this app very much and the file selection is really helpful to the arrange a lot of photos. But I do want some new features and improvements like this:

1. Local Adjustments: Though the editing through the entire image are wonderful, but I still there will have the local editing feature in the future. That'll be a great improvement through the image editing

2. Mask Tool: I like the mask tool in the Snapseed very much, it was very useful for editing some creative images and I pretty want this feature could be added in.

3. Double Exposure: Again, still very useful on creativity.

4. Add Texts & Images on the image: Though it isn't a necessary tool for professional image editing, it will be a feature that will my life easier. I could just complete the whole process rather than switching through hundreds of apps.

5. Bokeh Effects: It was a function a like when I editing photo, still hope that you can add it in, the more the merrier

6. Image Cutting Improvements: The image cutting is pretty powerful on it but I hope that we can crop the pictures into some specific shapes like circles, triangles, or stars. And I do find out is that when I want to custom the image's ratio, I can only input the INTEGERS rather than the decimals. The custom ratio cutting made me like your app very much, so it will very sweet if this could be improved.

Wish your apps will be greater and greater till the best
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2020-02-24 11:48:11

Hey there, all those requests are totally solid, though some are, of course, a higher priority for us than others.

1. We'd love to add this for sure, but it's a big project. So it will come but it will also take a little while.
2. Do you mean how you can see the brushed adjustments as a mask? Or something else?
3. An interesting feature for sure — I'll add this to the feature request list.
4. That may be something for the layer-based Pixelmator, to be honest...
5. I think we could maybe add this as an effect, but it would have to part of a larger feature with more effects.
6. Again, this might be something for the layer-based Pixelmator, but we'll keep it in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to share those requests!
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2020-06-29 01:55:02

It doesn’t look like Pixelmator for iOS will open Pixelmator Photo files. Makes a layer workflow a little convoluted.
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2020-07-19 20:27:36

Super Resolution would be amazing. I would literally drool for that...