Add a “Cancel” button to “Allow Pixelmator to modify this photo?” dialog

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2020-01-28 15:14:19

Very often when editing a photo I mistakenly hit the “Done” button while I have not yet finished editing the photo. As of now, if I press the “Don’t Allow” button, all my edits are lost and I have to start all over again. If I press the “Allow” button it exits edit mode with the edits in place. Then I have to again open the photo to continue editing. This is not convenient and interrupts the editing process. I request a third button “Cancel” be added to this dialog which would cancel this dialog so that I can press this button and continue editing. Thanks!
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2020-01-28 18:23:11

That's a very good suggestion! It's a system alert, so this would probably need to be added by Apple to it but we might be able to work something out.
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2020-01-28 23:26:52

Great, thanks!