Feature Request - Caption on export

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2019-11-06 19:20:27

Long time Pixelmator user on the Mac, new Pixelmator Photo on iPadOS.

As one who dabbles in IR photography I was very happy to see the channel mixer in PP. Thanks for that!

One plug in that I used in Lightroom was LRMogrify (https://www.photographers-toolbox.com/p ... grify2.php) that allows for text from metadata to be overlayed on the exported image file.
I typically used the 'caption' field to have the location and the year burned into the exported photos.

Do you have any plans to allow for captioning in PP? It doesn't have to be as sophisticated as LRMogrify but being able to do basic captions would be a nice feature to me.
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2019-11-07 13:49:11

I can't say it's in our plans but it's probably not out of scope for Pixelmator Photo so we can at least consider it — I've added this to our feature request list!
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2019-11-07 17:44:15

Awesome. You guys rock!