Graduated, radial filter, brush and mask

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2019-04-10 20:12:01

is possibile to see all those things?
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2019-04-11 12:20:43

We really need this for more complexe pictures...
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2019-04-11 14:49:24

Needless to say, we'd love to add this. Especially in a way that doesn't impact the nondestructiveness and doesn't impact performance too much. We'll be aiming to do this in future updates — for now, there are quite a few improvements already in development so you can look forward to some great updates in the meantime.
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2019-04-18 13:25:11

+1 for these
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2019-04-18 14:58:57

+1 Masking/selections would be very much appreciated (and maybe someday even layers!). Also really looking forward to clarity and denoise which I believe are on the way. But already a must-have app in my books:)
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2019-04-20 17:36:53

Clarity and Denoise are indeed on the way. Also, what would you be looking to do with layers in an app like Pixelmator Photo? Assuming the overall feature set would remain more or less the same. Just out of curiosity.
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2019-04-21 07:15:03

According ti me atm most important lost features are Brush and musk and be The alternative to Lightroom! I Want to change it with pixelmator photo definitely
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2019-06-05 23:52:41

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2019-06-07 20:07:32

Brush support for selective editing would be a real asset.
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2019-06-11 08:39:02

+1 !!
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2019-06-13 13:37:27

All of the above and automatic and manual lens correction please.
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2020-11-23 08:32:50

Yes this feature + dehaze and I'm uninstalling Lightroom.
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2021-01-26 10:14:00

++1000000 gazillion!

Please, please and pretty please. For all that is good in this world, please add graduated, radial filters, brushes and masks. I want to drop Lightroom faster than light entering a room but I can't just yet.

In every other way, this product is superior even if it doesn't have all the feature sets of Lightroom.