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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2022-01-20 04:04:32

Hi there,

Searched through the threads and can’t find anything on this. Wondering if there’s an auto feature coming to fix perspectives in photos. It’s especially useful on a phone when you can’t make find adjustments as easily. This is the one feature that keeps me tethered to Lightroom right now. See attached photo for what I mean.

Thanks for considering!

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2022-01-20 17:49:37

It would be great to have an ML perspective feature!
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2022-01-24 12:56:47

I agree! It would make sense to have an automatic perspective correction in Pixelmator Photo especially with ML Straighten and ML Crop already available. We'll keep this in mind for the next batch of Perspective tool improvements.