Rating system, local adjustments, film strip, On-Image Selective Color, import photo

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-09-22 06:02:42

Hello team!

Amazing app you guys have made here! Just a few things I would really love to be included before I can fully recommend. I know some of these may be in your 2.0 timeline already and I know others have also mentioned this:

1. Ability to rate/organize photos so I can choose what photos to keep, what photos to discard, what photos to post. This helps a lot with selectively exporting just photos I rated a given value.
2. Local adjustment with gradient and maybe a circular option. I know other have mentioned this already but this is a big one!
3. Film strip, or the ability to quickly move around different photo with a swipe. It’s slow and clunky to close a photo and then reopen the next one.
4. On-Image Selective Color adjustment. Being able to adjust the color just buy dragging from the image just like the on-image curves from the 1.5 update.
5. I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be great to have the ability to separate the raw photos that I’m editing from the photos app. My workflow usually start with importing photos, rating them, exporting, and finally importing into my photos app. If there could be the ability to use the file system to choose photos to import into Pixelmator photos. And then do all the rating/sorting/editing, and finally be able to export into my photos app. This would be a full replacement for photo editing/correction!

Thanks for listening. I really want this to be the only app I need to color correct my raw images; this has a lot of potential and has been wonderful for what it currently does.
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2021-09-23 13:05:08

Hey Marwin. It's great to hear you're enjoying Pixelmator Photo and thanks for trying to help us make it even better! Indeed, most points you mention have been brought forward to us by other Pixelmator users before, so we do have them on our radar. But thanks for taking the time to share them anyway — the more requests a feature has, the more likely it'll make it to the app!