Write text in Pixelmator Photo

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-05-16 07:41:00

I would like to be able to write text in Pixelmator Photo. I can do that in the non Pixelmator Photo version although that one is older.
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2021-05-28 08:40:17

In the future, we might consider additions that could get Pixelmator Photo closer to being a design app, but for now, we'll most likely be focusing on perfecting the current tools and features, and making it the best photo editor it can be.
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2021-05-28 08:56:23

I understand and I believe the priority you make is the correct one! When I compare your lovely app with the eqivalent one from Affinity, it is clear what, in my opinion, a mistake it is to make an app for devices more or less a mirror of the desktop app.

Keep weaving. You are on the right track. Your desktop and your mobile apps are superb, lovely pieces.