How to upscale (resize) in Pixelmator photo?

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2021-04-27 13:23:17

Sorry if asked before (couldn’t find it), but I would like to use the ML super resolution, and see how good this works. But step one probably is to upscale an photo. I have for example a jpeg of 1067x1600px and I want to resize this to a long side of 2500px, and then use the ML super resolution. But, how do I resize the photo in Pixelmator Photo to begin with?
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2021-04-28 11:54:56

Hey Simon. ML Super Resolution calculates the extent of upscaling automatically (mainly because of the limited amount of memory available on handheld devices). The two factors taken into consideration when upscaling images are the size of the existing image and its bit depth. Smaller images can be scaled 1.5x, 2x, or 3x, while larger images can be left unchanged.
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2021-04-29 18:59:15

Ah, thanks! I should have checked the size afterwards, that shows indeed an upscaled image.
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2021-05-03 13:37:00

Glad I could help.