Documents & Data grows out of control

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2021-04-08 03:17:18

There’s an issue that has been reported here again and again for a long time and I just noticed it. I’ve been using Pixelmator photo on my iPad for a couple of weeks and the app grew to 7.5GB even though I deleted every photo I’ve ever edited from my iPad. I deleted all the folders and edits. My iPad was empty of anything related to Pixelmator (raws, jpegs, .photo, linked files folder.. everything) the only thing left are a few Jpegs in my camera roll, and still the app was 7.5GB. The only solution is to delete and reinstall the app.

Obviously it is the latest version since I just reinstalled it.

When are you going to fix this? If I load a RAW on my iPad and edit it but then I delete those raw files and the .photo files, why is Documents & Data still many gigabytes in size? It’s crazy.
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2021-04-13 13:17:25

Hey there. We are aware of this issue and we've actually been tracking it for a while but without success in reproducing it so far. Therefore, any info about the issue would be a big help. A few important points of interests are:

1. Your workflow with images (what types of edits you apply and how you save images)
2. The browser you're using (Files or Photos)
3. Your editing settings (destructive or nondestructive).