Changing color space to Display P3

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2021-02-18 18:44:20

Is there a method to change or check the color space in Pixelmator Photo for iPad? I’d like to use the wide gamut if possible when processing ProRaw images.
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2021-02-19 09:40:24

There isn't currently a way to change the color space in Pixelmator Photo but to check what it is in a particular image, you can hold down the image thumbnail and tap Info in the menu that appears (only available in the Files browser).
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2021-02-20 15:22:03

Thanks for your reply. However when I hold down on the thumbnail I get these actions; Share, Favorite, Duplicate, Revert, Delete and Copy Adjustments but don’t see anything about Color Space.
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2021-02-26 12:39:41

These are the options typically available in the Photos browser — you can't check the document info there (just like in the Photos app on your iPad). The Info option should appear if you touch and hold the image thumbnail in the Files browser, though. In the Info menu, you may need to tap "Show More" for a complete list of the image details.
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2021-02-28 20:25:04

Do you mean this,


If so I see bit depth but no color space.
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2021-03-05 13:57:02

I've recorded a quick video where you can find this info here. Hope that helps!
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2021-03-06 18:00:02

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2021-03-09 13:50:37

by Ryder 2021-03-06 16:00:02 Thanks,