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2020-11-18 14:57:08

I'm using a 2018 12.9" iPad Pro running 14.3 (currently beta 2) and I found a weird bug when trying to view the Photo Library.

On a fresh launch in full screen, the Files browser is shown, but the "..." in the upper right to access the Photo Library isn't visible, just the new folder, view options, and select buttons are there. However, if you pull up another app in split screen, the "..." button appears. After this the button seems to stick, even if the other app is removed from the split screen. However, once Pixelmator Photo is quit, the button will be missing again upon a fresh launch.

Not sure which part of my setup might be triggering this (I realize it might just be a beta bug), but thought I'd bring it to the attention of the devs. At first I thought I was going crazy and there wasn't a way to access the Photo Library 😃
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2020-11-27 09:55:23

Apologies for the late reply, but thanks – we'll look into this!
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2020-11-27 14:22:57

OK, we weren't able to repro it on the same device with the same version of iOS... Could you keep an eye on it in future betas and let us know if the issue persists or disappears? And if you have any clues as to what may help repro it, we'd love it if you could email us at support@pixelmator.com with more details.
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2020-12-10 17:42:08

Just tested the new 1.5 update that got released, and the issue is still there. Here's all how I'm doing it:

- Using 2018 12.9" iPad Pro running 14.3 GM
- Upon fresh launch, if Pixelmator Photo opens to the files view the gear icon (formally "..." button) in the upper right doesn't show. If it opens to the Photos view, the gear icon is present
- Bring up the dock and put another app into a split view, then after Pixelmator Photo is resized the gear icon shows in the upper right.
- At this point I can switch between Files and Photos views freely. Even if the app is taken out of the split view the gear icon stays put.
- If the app is then quit while in the Files view, upon relaunch the gear icon is once again gone
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2020-12-14 12:31:06

Thanks for the update, Mike! What you've reported very much seems like an OS-level issue. While we can't fix it ourselves, we'll make sure to let the Apple engineers know about it!