File handling is absolutley confusing

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2020-11-17 11:17:59

The file handling from Pixelmator Photo is absolutely confusing for me and does not make any sense at all.
I have the German Version, therefore, I can only guess the english names for the menu in the description of my problems.

1) Selecting "keep original files" does not change anything at all. The original files in "My Photos" are replaced by the edited ones.

2) Selecting "keep changes" (Ă„nderungen bewahren) does not change anything. I have no ide what it should be good for.

3) When I switch to "Files" (button "Dateien anzeigen"), I get toggle switches in the settings/editing submenu for "overwrite originals", "keep changes" and "use iCloud". When I switch to "Show Fotos" (Fotos anzeigen), only "keep changes" and "use iCloud" are shown. When I change the "keep changes" settings in the one area, it stays unchanged in the other. This is even more confusing.

This results in the following issues:
Whatever I choose in these settings, the original file is always replaced, but I can always reset back to original via the "reset" button.

Where do the original files go when I edit a picture? This should be clarified!!

My system: iPad Pro 10.5
iOS 14, all updates
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2020-11-17 12:44:17

Hi Tschens,

this article can answer some questions regarding how the apple photos system works: ... c-and-ios/
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2020-11-17 15:03:16

Thx Ricardo,
this link is very helpful. I didnt know about this way of file management in iOS.
However, this explains only my very last question ("Where do the original files go when I edit a picture?").