Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2020-10-18 10:37:31

I like the way I can adjust color and light in Pixelmator, the whole experience is handy and efficient.
Still, Lightroom saves those pictures, where geometry is distractingly distorted.
I know, Sony 18-105 if really good at barell distorsion😁

Is there a way in Pixelmator Photo to straighten those curved lines?
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2020-10-19 10:51:49

There currently isn't a way to do this — we have worked on a manual lens distortion correction tool in the past but we haven't been able to implement it yet. Possibly in the future, though...
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2020-10-19 12:09:12

Thank you, it is good to know, that my favorite photo editing app is evolving continuosly.