Oversaturated RAW

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2020-08-08 15:59:24

It may be a normal behavior, but without touching anything, just opening the raw file from sd card (Sony a6000), and saving it as 99% jpeg, it is great in terms of detail and overall quality, but it is oversaturated. Reducing saturation by 7 percent looks more natural.

Is it normal, to reduce a little bit and get perfect result?

The more I use Pixelmator Photo, the more I like and appriciate it!
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2020-08-09 07:14:38

Ok, I understand, it is a raw thing, and there cannot be a preset, profile, that works always perfectly, under all lightning and with all subject and background.
I am just new to editing final jpeg from sony raw.
I see, this is a complex and hot discussion on photography sites😬
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2020-08-15 13:36:09

With that said, profiles would be nice feature, even though I suppose extremely time consuming to create for every manufacturer’s camera sensor/body, and I suppose manufacturers have additional information at their disposal to make this trick work. From scratch, with trial and errorl without that extra info it is more difficult...

Jpeg output of the a6000 for example looks like loosing too much detail during noise reduction and sharpening. Pixelmator preservs more detail, but is little bit more noisy, but it hardly is a problem, but at the same time unnaturally, irrealisticly colorful. Desktop imaging edge sony sofware outputs natural and detailed jpeg.

We cannot replicate it automatically on an ipad in Pixelmator, I guess...
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2020-08-18 15:42:50

Hey there, thanks for the informative post! Would you also be able to share some visual examples of the over-saturation and output from the desktop Sony app? Would be very interesting to compare!
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2020-08-21 06:38:16

This is side by side raw from RX0 II developed in Pixelmator Photo and out of camera JPEG.

I will include and compare the JPEG developed in desktop sony app as well later. Image Image
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2020-08-21 12:37:48

Could you also double-check whether you're seeing the same results when opening an unprocessed RAW photo in the Photos app on your iPad?

Also, could you share a sample file with me at andriusg@pixelmator.com? You can upload it to http://upload.pixelmator.com, then send me the link generated on that page via email