Align image stack for timelapse?

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2020-04-30 09:23:14

A possible useful feature: align timelapse image stack.
Based on automatic or manual reference points. To cancel the “vibration” effect on really fixed objets, like buildings, due to camera shake ( wind or rotating motor vibration).
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2020-04-30 12:13:27

Yep, that would be a nice feature — it's not quite on our roadmap, but it's possible we'll have time for these more pro-oriented photography features in the longer-term future.
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2020-08-15 06:33:49

Creating timelapse video in Pixelmator Photo / exporting as video from jpegs or even better, from raw files, that would be a killer feature, wouldn’t it? 😃

I am struggling with Luma Fusion, but it is much more unreliable on my ipad, AND doesn’t support raw. Pixelmator Photo does a solid job!