Cannot Open High Resolution File

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2019-11-20 04:51:36

Try to open a big image but it shows an error that image is too big. What is a maximum resolution allow in this app (i.e. width x height) ?

Is there a way to bypass this limit ?
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2019-11-20 11:26:28

The limits are listed on this help page (inside the Open images saved on iPad... section). Here's a screenshot of it:


There isn't a way to bypass the limit, though if you're trying to open a 16-bit image, you could try converting it to 8-bit color depth online and open that (if you're OK with somewhat lower color quality).
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2019-11-20 13:47:55

Thank you for a reply. I overlooked a help page, my bad. Anyway, mine is iPad Pro 11-inch 1TB but it is not listed here. Is it in the same situation as iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1TB : 86.5MP 16bits ?

Also, is there a plan that Pixelmator increase this limit or is it a hardware limit ?
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2019-11-21 14:32:22

Yours would be the same as the 12.9-inch 1TB model, that's an oversight from us. We'll make sure to fix it! This is essentially a hardware limit based on the amount of RAM a device has. There are ways to potentially get around it but they would impact performance/stability, so we prefer to stay inside the limits.
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2019-11-23 20:09:08

That sounds reasonable.