Create space around photo in crop?!

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2019-06-15 15:50:20

In the “crop” area of the regular pixelmator, I was able to extend the are of the photo to create blank space around it so I could add to the image. The ability to do that is not in the pixelmator photo app, and I desperately need it. I need to discontinue using the old app because the image exported from it is constantly lowered resolution. Please help !!!!
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2019-06-17 11:10:38

As Pixelmator Photo is designed for editing photos only and not creating designs/layer-based editing, the Crop tool behaves the same way as in all other photo editors (the native Photos app, for example). Just out of interest, if you were able to add transparency around the image in Pixelmator Photo, what would you do with these transparent areas?
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2019-06-17 14:29:27

So the transparency needed was available in plain Pixelmator.
- I use the ipad versions of Pixelmator -
*** for my use of photos, all my images must wind up square. In order to not distort an image by making it digitally square, I create transparency where needed around an image and 'build up'the image.

for example: if I have a close up image of a plane in the air that is not square and does not have enough image around the subject to crop it to square, (lets say it is a wide closeup) I can make transparency at the top and bottom of the image and use the repair tool to extend the sky on the top and bottom until it is square enough for my use.

This is very important to me, as well as other tools from pixelmator. I purchased Pixelmator Photo because it has the option to export in tiff. Pixelmator's exports are very small and often unuseable after export. I also do photo colorization, which is not included. I thought that Pixelmator Photo would have all the tools available in Pixelmator, but with a little more photo editing. I also do photo colorization, which I cannot do here. I was surprised that Pixelmator was intended for graphic arts, I have always done nothing but photo editing with it. I am disappointed in the limited use, as being a long time Pixelmator user. The options available in this paid version I already have on various free 'lite' photo editing apps.

Please let me know whether there is intention for Pixelmator to ever have an option to export as tiff? the exports now are just too small and lose resolution to continue using.

Thank you, Sandy