Sony a6400 .ARW File Support

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2019-06-10 22:27:41

Hey, I know you are using the apple iOS raw engine, but I am specifically asking about the Sony a6400. It is shown as having support in iOS 12 on the apple supported files page, Do you know if you are going to be able to get this working in the near future? I am going on a couple trips soon, and my a6400 is going to be my primary photo shooting device. I will have a computer with me, and Pixelmator Pro supports this format, so I could do that, but editing on my iPad is so much better.
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2019-06-11 09:08:49

If the photo is opening in Pixelmator Pro, it should open in Pixelmator Photo, too. Just to double-check, are you using iOS 12? I can see support wasn't available in iOS 11, so maybe your device is still on iOS 11? If not, what's the size of the photos and what device are you using for editing? Maybe the photos are over the megapixel limit for that device.
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2019-06-11 20:27:53

Weird, but today the files open.
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2019-11-24 17:43:14

Any update on this? I also get an error Message when trying to open A6400 raw.

Edit: Sorry, wrong forum section. I'm using Pixelmator Pro on the Mac with High Sierra.
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2019-11-24 19:56:32

Hey there, just in case, I'll cross-post my answer from the other thread here, too:
Support for the Sony A6400 was added to the macOS RAW engine in macOS Mojave, so in order to edit those images, you'd need to be using Mojave or Catalina.