Pixelmator Photo Brushes & Masks

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2019-06-05 12:05:00

Pixelmator Photo is such a nice edeting App. But it is possible that there is a mask tool with a brush to lighten up eyes or something like that. Just a example. I thing to have a brush as a mask tool and maybe also vignettes would make the app perfect and completely replaceable with lightroom on desktop or mobile devices.

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2019-06-05 23:47:29

I will 2nd this as a feature request. Masking is the one thing I regularly use. Other than that, I just discovered Pixelmator Photo and it hits the sweet spot of what I need in an editor.
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2019-06-06 19:19:04

A Vignette effect is already in development (in fact, we're testing it at the moment) and local adjustments would be awesome to have! Though they'll take a little longer to implement.