Exif data changes?

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2019-04-24 10:28:10

Hi I've got a question. When I import and edit my RAW file on Pixelmator Photo(PP), the date/time seems to change. For instance, I have a picture shot in Maldives at 19:17 on 21 Jan, but when I open the same file on PP it now says it was shot at 3:17 on 22 Jan. Does it have to with the fact I am editing files in a different time zone? I'm now in Japan. Is there any way, in the foreseeable future, I can modify exif data?

Thanks in advance. I really love this app! Keep up the good work!!
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2019-04-25 07:44:05

This appears to be a bug that we've been able to reproduce — a fix should be coming in one of the next couple of updates.