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Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-04-11 14:46:12

I see a ton of potential in Pixelmator Photo, but I just can't seam to see how to just browse the photos in my iPads photos. I see cloud drive, but not photos. Darkroom has this, but I just can't find it. Also it would be nice to have a photo extension, like the Pixelmator one, though that one doesn't do too much.
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2019-04-11 14:55:47

Hey Dan, try tapping the + button in the top right corner of the Files screen.

We'd love to add a Pixelmator Photo extension to Photos — the original Pixelmator extension has only a few tools not because we wouldn't love to add more but because there's a limited amount of memory that extensions are allowed. Our Repair tool alone requires more than we get but we'll do our best to bring as much of Pixelmator Photo over to Photos as we can if we do decide to create an extension for it.
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2019-04-11 15:39:55

I guess I was blind. Though having this in a more noticeable location would be nice. Maybe iOS 13 will have better integration for files, and be able to have a better location for file editing on device outside of Photos for raw imported photos.
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2019-04-11 16:43:38

Nah, I wouldn't say you were blind — it's not the most obvious thing. There's a big Import Photo rectangle when in the Browse view in iCloud Drive or the Pixelmator Photo folder, which is generally the place to be for importing from the Photos library. Because you'll most likely want to have all your Pixelmator Photo files in one place.

And YES, you've hit the nail on the head re. iOS 13. Files is an evolving and developing part of iOS so before we make any decision to make any big overhauls to workflow, we'd love to see if iOS 13 will bring anything new.
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2019-04-14 00:32:57

Have you considered the ability to browse the photos library directly and skip/simplify the import workflow?

I’m typically never returning to edit an existing project - I want to open the app and jump right into choosing a photo from the Photos Library and then sharing it. Currently it feels clunky and takes longer than apps like Darkroom to select something and get into the editing mode.

I get how this works in the case of Pixelmator, since you are likely returning to projects, but I’m not sure they apply with Pixelmator Photos.
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2019-04-15 11:23:43

by ckorhonen Have you considered the ability to browse the photos library directly and skip/simplify the import workflow?
We're considering that, absolutely, and would love to make it happen.