Where are the tools as shown in the videos

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2019-04-09 13:43:37

Only 2 cups of coffee and watch all videos- how do I apply text on my photos and use other tools as shown?
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2019-04-09 14:23:14

Looks like that is only for Pro. What a disappointment.
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2019-04-09 14:28:07

Photo doesn't add text, it's strictly for photo editing.

From left to right this image shows the original photo, an enhanced version, black and white and look, Yoda's missing an ear. I saved all four images to the camera roll. To compose the four images into one image I opened Pixelmator iOS and imported them.

To add text, you have to bring the image(s) into Pixelmator.

I'd like additional functionality too but the way I see it the Pixelmator team is working on ways to provide additional control to iPad users and equalize what can be done on both iPad and Mac. Essentially, Photo adds Pixelmator Pro color control to the iPad. Perhaps one day Photo will be incorporated into Pixelmator iOS? For now, I appreciate the additional features and functionality on my iPad and want to support the Pixelmator team in its effort to provide incredibly useful software to creative professionals like me.

Working perfectly on my first generation 12.9".

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2019-04-09 17:40:42

I’d like very much a way to open directly into Pixelmator. As it is now, I can save to Photos, copy (and import from clipboard) or save to Files/Icloud Drive/Pixelmator Photo—and open in Pixelmator from one of those. I’d love to be able to “share’/open directly. I often want to use layers, other functions PP doesn’t offer (ex.-vignette). Ah, but have just discovered I can send a flattened (3 layers in Pixelmator) jpeg to Pixelmator Pro (?). I would prefer it vice versa.

I’m working on a 2018 12.9 Pro with Pencil and its lovely, smooth—I still have my gen 1 and will try on it (mostly continue to use it as second screen).