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2022-01-25 19:15:59


How can I backup my photos in the library with the associated editing data of Pixelmator Photo? I copied the pictures (Sony RAW files) and the content of the Pixelmator Photo folder to an external hard drive, but when I copy/import everything back to the iPad the files and edits are not associated with each other. Is there a way to link the files back again?

Is it possible to edit and sort multiple photos directly from a hard drive without using the apple photos library?


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2022-02-03 15:47:51

Hi Billy! I'm afraid there isn't. If you move the linked files from their designated locations (the folder in iCloud or your local iPad storage), the edits will become unlinked from the associated photos. For now, the best way to backup your images along with their nondestructive edits would be by saving them as .Photo files. The files themselves may be bigger than the sidecar ones but the nondestructive changes in them will always stay intact.