How to re-link edited photos?

Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2021-11-28 20:36:13

Last week I was edited several photos on my iPad. Everything was great and I could see the edited images in my photos library. It wasn’t until after I finished I noticed on my iPad wasn’t syncing back to iCloud. Meaning, while I could see the edited images in on the iPad, I could only see the unedited originals on my iPhone, Mac, and in (I can however, see the link files in the Pixelmator folder on my iCloud Drive on all devices). I left the iPad for a couple days, no sync. Tried some troubleshooting, which included signing out of iCloud on the iPad then back in. I inadvertently downloaded my entire photo library which caused even more issues, which lead to me turning off iCloud Photos on the iPad, deleting all the photos from it, then turning iCloud Photo Library back on. Still no sync. In the end I had to restore the iPad back to factory settings. That seemed to do the trick and now my photos library is synced back up across those devices, but the Pixelmator edits I made aren’t showing in, still just the originals.

Is there a way to re-link those edits from the linked files in the Pixelmator folder on iCloud Drive?
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2021-12-15 10:37:45

Hi Nadeem. Since it's a system-level syncing issue, I'm afraid we can't really foresee those and consequences can really be unexpected. Edit relinking is something we've considered in the past but it's proven to be quite complicated due to the ID system Apple uses for photos, so I'm afraid it's not possible at this point.