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2021-01-29 18:37:10

Is there a way in Pixelmator pro. In which a cursor applied to a spot on an image can show you the corresponding point on the curve (histogram) like the scrubbing finger in Photoshop? Hope my question is not too convoluted.
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2021-02-01 12:49:22

Hey Mohamed. That's not something you can do in Pixelmator Pro right now. I think the closest to the feature you're looking for would be the On-Image Curves in Pixelmator Photo. On-Image Curves essentially let you adjust the tonal curve directly on the image — dragging up to lighten the specific areas in an image, or down to darken them.
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2021-02-01 14:17:40

Aurelija. Thank you.
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2021-02-02 17:49:51

No problem.