HDR raw merge (bracketing)

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2020-07-09 14:30:45

Hi, I tried to search for this, but did not have any luck yet. I would like to move to Pixelmator Pro completely, cause I like the ease of use. But I am struggling with merging raw files with different exposures to create HDR. In Affinity, you just select HDR merge and that is all. The question is how to make it in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-07-13 14:54:05

Right now, this feature isn't available in Pixelmator Pro — we know it's important to photographers though, so we'll keep it in mind for future updates!
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2020-08-21 18:43:15

Please do
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2021-03-26 21:34:07


Maybe we already know something more?
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2021-04-13 01:39:09

Hi Andrius, any plan on this feature?
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2021-06-05 20:32:34

Agreed, this feels like a must-have. +1
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2021-06-11 07:36:20

We haven't got much to share about the feature right now but thanks for all the votes! I've pinged the team about this.