[Overview Video] ML Enhance

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2018-10-18 11:09:21

With the new Core ML-powered ML Enhance, making your photos look stunning couldn’t be easier.

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2018-10-19 05:04:41

Awesome feature
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2018-10-19 10:53:28

Thanks! Personally, I think this is the best auto enhance feature out there — I almost never trust auto enhancements in other apps, but I feel that with this one, if you have a badly balanced/badly exposed photo, it does a great job fixing things up, leaving you to tweak the photo to your liking. And if the photo is already well exposed and well balanced, ML Enhance will leave it alone, which is pretty clever.
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2019-10-20 10:11:27

I was hoping ML Enhance would help me to colourise a B&W image by dragging a coloured image into the palette, but it doesn't do anything. Am I doing the wrong thing?
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2019-10-23 08:32:46

ML Enhance is trained to match the colors of different photos using the color adjustment tools and colorization cannot be done in this way. I'm not sure I can explain in simple terms why not but if you take a black and white photo and try to use any of the color adjustments, it won't bring any color into the photo (with the exception of Sepia and Color Monochrome, but these add tints of a single color). That's not to say that this is technically impossible but it would require a completely different tool with a different mechanism — definitely a cool idea, though!