[Overview Video] Export for Web

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2018-06-01 11:12:32

With Pixelmator Pro, you have everything you need to prepare and optimize your images for the web.

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2020-04-10 21:19:53

The video is good but when I go to my design page to do the same it does not look the same - I do not know why. Also I do not know which format is the best to add to an e-mail.
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2020-04-14 16:10:40

Hey Greta, the two main formats you need are JPEG and PNG. PNG is uncompressed (higher quality) and supports transparency, so it's good for graphics/illustrations or anywhere where absolutely top quality is important. JPEG is good for photos or anywhere you need to have smaller files at the expense of a potential (but not necessarily visually noticeable) drop in quality. The other formats (GIF and SVG) are quite specialized and you'd probably know if you needed to use them. So if you're not sure, pick between PNG (higher quality/large size) or JPEG (potentially but not always lower quality/smaller size). If your images have transparent areas, then you should always go for PNG.
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2020-04-20 19:41:16

Ok, Thanks