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2021-10-21 16:43:08

I'm curious if there are any (serious) online courses for Pixelmator Pro? A 1-minute googling did not reveal any results.

I usually tell everyone that Pixelmator Pro is one of the most underrated apps for Mac. And from marketing point of view, that's actually not good at all! So I thought having online courses is one option to make the world aware of Pixelmator Pro. The official video tutorials are great, but might be not enough for new users.

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2021-10-22 08:51:44

Heya! PhotoJoseph and TheMacUdotcom are a couple of creators who I know have done some online courses on Pixelmator Pro but generally speaking, I agree that there really isn't an overabundance of Pixelmator Pro learning materials on the web. To be fair, collaborating with independent artists is something we've considered but put aside for now as we'd first like to focus on covering the Pixelmator Pro basics in our official tutorials. Perhaps we can make that happen one day, though!
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2021-10-22 19:07:05

Thanks, I will check these out. And yes, your tutorials are great for getting started and understanding the app concepts!