Disappearing or truncated layers on web export

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2021-06-15 07:49:24

I have a series of simple images, just a dozen of bitmap and text layers, no effects, and when exporting to the web (K), certain layers sometime disappear or are truncated.

- Right now, when I choose .jpg @0.5, text elements are randomly truncated.

- Yesterday, the whole image would sometimes be blank (empty).

- Randomly duplicating or hiding layers sometimes solves the problem.

These are not just display bugs, because the problems are visible in the exported images...

Potentially a deal-breaker
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2021-06-16 08:47:45

Hi! This sounds like something that shouldn't be happening. Would it be possible for us to take a could take a closer look at some of these files? You can share them here or send them to us at support@pixelmator.com. It'd be interesting to poke around a bit and see if we can figure out what's causing this.