Images dragged into canvas open in a huge size

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2021-03-14 04:36:58

I am using Pixelmator to print greeting cards. I can print two cards per 8.5x11 inches sheet of paper so that is the size I made my canvas. I am trying to add the artwork image at size 4.25x5.5. I tried to create a jpeg file in Pixelmator and exported to my desktop and then dragged the 4.25x5.5 inch jpeg from the desktop into a Pixelmator canvas sized at 8.5x11, but the image opens in the canvas at 17.71 x 22.92. So I tried dragging in a png sized in procreate to exactly 4.25x5.5 but that opens at a size of 26.43x34.64 inches. I watched a tutorial of someone on YouTube do the same thing and their image opens up at the correct size and all they had to do was position it in the right place. So I figured maybe I would just have to resize it. But when I select the layer and type in the desired and original dimensions into the size box in the tool bar, the image loses all of its quality and is super pixelated. Help!
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2021-03-15 14:15:44

Hey StephanieW. Could you check the pixel dimensions of both your canvas and the image you're looking to insert? An important thing to note is that changing the image size using inches or centimeters as size units doesn’t really change the actual size of the image. These measurements are simply meant to tell the printer how large the image should be on paper, not taking its actual size into account. The image size is calculated by the number of pixels the image consists of, so when working with digital images, the image size in pixels is what you have to pay attention to.