Selection problems after latest update to 2.0.6

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2021-03-09 02:16:55

With add selected as option on selection, after selecting and drawing a rectangular selection and then trying to draw a square, despite clicking (shift + Rectangular Selection) you can only draw a rectangle. Same with Elliptical/Circular selections. Also the previous selections deselect while clicking on the canvas to add aa additional selection.
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2021-03-09 13:32:48

Hey Mohamed. I can kinda reproduce the first issue. It looks like it starts working on the second press of the Shift button although I can reproduce the same behavior in earlier versions of Pixelmator Pro as well. The second issue is not reproducing that easily. It would be interesting to see how this issue looks like on your Mac. If possible, could you make a screen recording of it like so? Once you're done with the recording, you can either share it here or send it to us at Thanks in advance!
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2021-03-10 03:06:01

Aurelija, Thank you for your response. For the first issue, I now draw a rectangle or ellipse and before releasing the mouse button press the shift key and it constraints the selection to a square or circle. So no problem there. I cannot now reproduce the second problem??? possibly was not selecting correctly?
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2021-03-15 12:29:22

Perhaps you had the "New" selection mode turned on instead of the "Add" one? With the "New" selection mode, it would be expected that the last selection disappears when a new one is drawn. Either way, if this ever happens again, do let us know!
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2021-03-15 13:18:26

Thank you. Aurelija
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2021-03-15 14:09:01

by Mohamed 2021-03-15 13:18:55 Thank you. Aurelija