Shape out of bounds

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2021-02-03 15:58:41

I wanted to create a button:

- Create a 500px square image.
- Draw a circle of 500x500 px
- Circle is out of bounds (flat side(s)).
- Also tested exporting the image.

See screenshot (open at 100% size to see problem at left side):

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2021-02-04 15:50:16

I thought I would check this out. I created the same 500x500 Canvas with a 498x498 circle shape with a one pixel stroke to the outside. I thought if I could make the stroke the same color it might be a workaround for Ricopacino, if it worked. When I first did this I had two flat sides and I realized the problem. When I moved the shape origin to 1,1 it turned into the perfect circle with no flat edges as was desired. I speculate if there might be a default zero width stroke on all shapes that caused the problem. The result may be easier to see with this contrasting stroke Image
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2021-02-05 15:35:19

That's interesting. We can't seem to easily repro this. Would you be able to share a sample PXD where this issue occurs? You can either do it here or send it to Whatever works best for you.