Scrolling Through Font List Causes Beach Balls and App to Freeze and Start Using 600% CPU

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-12-11 11:18:06

I have 6 month old 16" MacBook Pro (upgraded with 32gb RAM) and when I scroll through the font list the layer continuously updates as I scroll through the fonts. This is not only extremely annoying, and horrible "feature," but it also causes my system to "beach ball." The app locks up, and I have to restart it. I can't do anything with text in Pixelmator Pro thanks to this "feature." How do I turn it off???!!

Thank you!
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2020-12-14 11:38:47

Something really odd is going on here. If you haven't already, could you drop us an email at with more details about this? In particular, it would be great to know the size of the canvas and the fonts you're working with, also the number of fonts in the Font Book on your Mac. Thanks in advance!
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2020-12-14 16:56:07


Thank you, I did email support. They told me this was a known problem and apologized. They said there was nothing they could do about it.

I'm working with a rather small sized canvas. Something like 1500x1500 pixels at 72dpi. Nothing large. I tried it on different documents. It was doing the same thing.

So, I closed Pixelmator Pro and stopped using it. I opted to use the older version I had. The regular Pixelmator.

BUT, I just re-opened Pixelmator Pro to give it another try and now it's not doing it. It's just fine now. So...I really have no idea. I did have a couple of other documents open when I tried before. Maybe that's the issue. But with 32gb of RAM and a 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 I think I should be fine.