Quick Look preview no longer working

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-08-21 23:07:18

When using Quick Look in finder with any Pixelmator Pro document, I only get the Pixelmator Pro logo and some information instead of a preview. The icon still looks like a preview, but with a bent top right corner. I think this started happening since the latest update, but I'm not certain.

Older documents which had not been edited since this started happening seemed unaffected, but after rebooting to see if that would fix the issue, every .pxd document is now affected.

Is this a bug on my end or a universal issue?
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2019-08-22 06:05:09

Interesting. I had not noticed that, but true - I updated to Beta 5 (Catalina) and don't get the former preview image.
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2019-08-22 16:56:01

Me Too on Mojave 10.14.6... "Quick Look" shows a small preview of the pxd document (Pixelmator Pro 1.4.1), unlike the wide one for the pxm format (Pixelmator 3.8.5).
I wonder it's normal ? I liked the wide preview...
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2019-09-02 10:16:47

I'm also having the same problem (Mojave 10.14.6) and there's no pattern to it. One minute, I can use Quick Look on a Pixelmator Pro file, and it works. The next, it doesn't work. The icons also keep changing. Sometimes it's just the Pixelmator Pro icon, other times it's a thumbnail of the image itself.

I hope the Pixelmator team follows these threads!
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2019-09-02 11:23:23

We actually took the full size preview out of Pixelmator Pro files in 1.4 to optimize performance and file sizes, so the files that you saved before 1.4 would have the previews while the ones saved after won't. For now, we could add a Terminal command to make Pixelmator Pro save the full size previews again (in the next update) and later down the line, we could add a QuickLook plugin that would generate the previews on the fly.
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2019-09-04 17:17:53

Please do full size previews!
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2019-09-05 00:04:02

Ditto, much more important to have full size previews.
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2020-12-21 10:33:24

I just realized I never posted the Terminal command here but we did add it a while ago. Better late than never, so here it is:
defaults write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.x fullSizeQuickLookPreview -bool true